Our commitment is not only to creating your healthy skincare routine, but also making sure we protect the enviorement.

Excess packaging

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year.

The packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and offender for plastic waste pollution. In 2015, research found that packaging accounted for 146 million tonnes of plastic every year.

Plastic is not the only waste created in the name of beauty and personal care; it equally creates an excess of cellophane, cardboard and paper waste.

Paperboard boxes are wrapped in shiny transparent plastic and cover already packaged creams and toothpaste that do not require another layer of material, making the products more expensive for the manufacturer and the consumer; contributing to deforestation, increasing water consumption, and CO2 emissions.

Our solution

Our packaging is simple. You get the product in a tube or a bottle. No additional glossy boxes, wrapped up in cellophane. No booklets and promotional cards creating additional polution.

40% of our current packaging is made of glass and it's reusable for refills. Our commitment is to have 100% of our packaging made out of glass or algae made materials by 2025.

All of our shipping cardboard boxes are made out of recycled paper.

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