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Why It’s Important to Patch Test Your New Skincare Products

Do you know what ingredients are in your new skincare products?

If you answered yes, do you know how these ingredients will react with your skin? Even the most natural skincare products can cause adverse effects, such as an allergic reaction. As a result, it’s important to perform a patch test with all your new skincare products before incorporating them into your skincare routine.

What is a patch test and how is it done? Read on and we’ll share everything you need to know.

What is a Patch Test?

This is a technique to help you determine which skincare products may irritate your skin and find out which ones may already be causing an allergic reaction. Routine 10 works around the clock to produce affordable skincare products with organic, all-natural ingredients – unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other skincare companies. Many products on the market contain chemicals that can react negatively when applied to the skin.

Of course, skin irritations from harsh ingredients shouldn’t be the only thing to look out for - even natural ingredients, like nut oils, can cause a bad reaction due to allergies. This is why it's so important to test your skincare products before using them. 

Best Way to Patch Test Skincare Products

Follow these steps to correctly patch test any skincare product.

Pick a Good Location – The spot you choose should be easily accessible to you, but also a location where the skincare product is unlikely to be washed off. Examples of good locations are the underside of your arm or the bend of your elbow. The location you choose should be clean before applying any product. 

Apply Correctly – Dermatologists recommend applying the product to a quarter-sized patch of skin. Apply the product according to instructions. In other words, don’t apply too little or too much.

Don’t Remove the Product – Some people may rinse off the product after a few minutes. However, you should leave it on the skin for the same time you would typically wear the product. If it is a product that you would rinse off within a few minutes, like a facial cleanser, then follow the product instructions. 

Patch Test for 7-10 Days – Dermatologists recommend you perform a patch test twice daily for 7-10 days, as the product may not immediately show adverse effects.

If You Have a Bad Reaction – If you experience sensitivity or irritation, immediately wash off the product and discontinue use.

If You Have No Reaction – Continue to use the product according to instructions.

Buying and trying out new skincare products is always fun. Just make sure to do it safely!

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