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This is the Easiest Skin Routine for Men

A recent Forbes article has revealed that men are taking a different approach to skincare. These days, more are interested in their appearance and how they feel. Stores are seeing both men and women browsing skincare aisles for the latest grooming products. Older men are searching for products to look younger, while younger men focus on hiding blemishes and other skin issues.

Although you can buy as many BB creams and CC creams as you want, skincare for men doesn’t need to be complicated. It requires the following simple, yet effective ingredients (and techniques). Without further ado, here is the easiest skincare routine for men.

Cleanse Twice Daily

The first step in your routine is cleansing to reduce excess oil and clean out the pores. It’s also important to wash your face in the evening to remove dirt, grime, and exterior pollutants from the day.

Dermatologists recommend owning two types of cleansers: first, a basic cleanser to clean sweat and grime, which you’ll use in the morning. Your second cleanser should target whatever skin concerns you may have, such as dryness or excess oil.

Replenish with a Moisturizer

After cleansing, you should always follow up on your skincare routine with a lightweight moisturizer. While vital, cleansers can strip away oils from your skin which can result in dryness. By adding a moisturizer, you replenish your skin to prevent dryness and flakiness.

Choose a daily moisturizer with nourishing ingredients in the morning, such as the Ultra Rich Daily Face Moisturizer. Apply it on damp skin to trap moisture. At night, consider a product that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. The Retinol + Collagen Night Cream contains potent anti-aging ingredients to reverse the hands of time in a soothing, decadent formula. Use this as the last step in your nightly routine.

Yes, You Should Exfoliate

It could be said that it’s more important for men to exfoliate than women, as their skin produces more oil. This makes it easier for clogged pores, dark spots, dullness, and even wrinkles. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to create clearer, smoother, brighter skin. It’s recommended to exfoliate twice weekly, or once a week if you are over age 40.

Use Anti-Aging Serums

Even if you’re in your 20s, adding an anti-aging serum to your skincare routine will keep you looking younger, longer. Retinol increases collagen production and gives the skin a plump appearance. Try the Retinol Youth Renewal Serum after cleansing. Don’t forget, if you use a retinol serum in the morning, make sure to apply SPF, as retinol can cause photosensitivity.

An easier skincare routine for men eliminates serums. Instead, you can wear other skincare products containing retinol, such as moisturizers. For added simplicity, skip the serum in the AM and use the Retinol + Collagen Night Cream in the PM. And yes, you can even use both as long as they are used at different times of the day.

Always Apply Sunscreen

While on the topic of SPF, you should apply it no matter what. Dermatologists say if you only use three skincare products, they should be:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF

In fact, SPF is so protective, it’s one of your most powerful anti-aging products in your arsenal. So, before leaving the house, apply an SPF of 30.

Nightly Skincare Routine for Men

We mentioned using products in your nightly routine, but what does a PM skincare routine look like? If you really want to keep it simple, just use a cleanser and moisturizer that targets your skin type. Incorporating a retinol cream adds an extra step but still keeps your routine simple.

This 5-step skincare routine will clean and protect your skin, but is also preventative, as it staves off signs of aging. Gather the right products and start your routine today!

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