how to prep skin for makeup

How to Prep Your Skin for Long-Lasting Makeup

Ladies, when you apply your makeup, you want flawless, long-lasting coverage. A lot of what goes into a perfect look depends on the quality of your makeup. Makeup from high-end beauty stores makes a bigger difference than drugstore brands. How you apply makeup (whether you’re a professional or amateur) can determine if the finished look resembles a cover girl. However, the first and most important step to flawless makeup starts with a blank, unblemished canvas.

So, how do you prep your skin for long-lasting makeup coverage? It all starts here, with these five simple steps.

Apply a Cleanser

This first step may be obvious, so let’s talk about the importance of prepping your skin for makeup. A perfect canvas ensures that your look stays in place all day. Considering the multiple steps you do to create that look (foundation, corrector, concealer, contour, blush, shadows, mascara, etc.), you don’t want your makeup to melt hours after application.

Without prepping your skin, your makeup can turn dull, blotchy, and uneven.

So, to avoid that, apply a cleanser to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and other impurities.

Exfoliate (but not every day!)

Skin looks and feels amazing after exfoliating it, so before applying makeup, this is an ideal second step, especially if you struggle with dry skin. Just remember, you don’t want to exfoliate daily. Exfoliate your face according to your skin type, just like you would with your body.

Tone it up

We love using a good toner when prepping the skin for makeup. It keeps your skin calm and well-protected while grooming it for the next step: moisturizer. Use the Clarifying Rose Water Face Toner to nourish and hydrate dull-looking skin. It also creates an even complexion and cleans pores for flawless makeup coverage.

Rehydrate with Moisturizer

It is so important to moisturize your skin daily, especially after exfoliating. Even if you don’t apply an exfoliator, moisturizer is crucial because it hydrates skin, keeping it supple and youthful. When prepping your skin for makeup, it serves two important roles:

  1. It smooths the skin’s surface to ensure your makeup applies smoother and lasts longer.
  2. The boost of hydration prevents makeup from appearing dull, dry, and cakey.

Moisturizer is a must! We recommend Ultra Rich Daily Face Moisturizer with baobab oil and shea butter. After one application of this decadent cream, your skin will write you a love letter.

Finish off with Primer

Finally, apply a primer for a smoother look. Primers also enhance the look of your makeup and help it last longer. We recommend choosing a primer that performs the dual purpose of setting your makeup, while also correcting skin concerns. For example, you can purchase primers to target dry skin or oily skin issues.

Now that you know exactly how to prep your skin for long-lasting makeup coverage, we hope you never leave the house without following these five easy steps.

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